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Magnascent Iodine
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What is Magnascent Iodine? And What Does It Do? This Amazing New Product Will: * Increase Your Energy * Help Your Body Heal Faster * Pump Up Your Immune System * And much more!

Magnascent Iodine is made from super charged Iodine. With a secret recipe that scholars and scientist the world over have and are testing with exciting results. It is easy to use! Just drop 3 to 5 droplets into a quarter cup of water.

72% of the world, is Iodine deficient. Why are people deficient in Iodine? It has been assumed that, since the iodination of salt was implemented, iodine disorders would be a thing of the past. But due to the poor availability of iodine in salt as well as declining salt intake by the population, this is not the case. There are additional reasons why iodine deficiency disorders are still present today. Due to poor farming techniques, deficiencies of iodine and other minerals in the soil have increased. Crops grown in iodine deficient soil will be deficient in iodine. The stigma of salt causing high blood pressure has convinced people not to use salt in their food. Often the only iodine one gets from their diet is found in salt. Therefore a low- salt diet can inadvertently lead to an iodine-deficient state.


Breast Cancer, Thyroid Illness and Iodine Deficiency.
The breasts are one of the body's main storage sites for iodine. In an iodine deficient state, the thyroid gland and the breasts will compete for what little iodine is available, which will leave the thyroid gland and the breasts iodine depleted thus could set the stage for illnesses such as goiter, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroid illness, and breast illnesses including cancer and Cystic fibrosis breast disease. In addition other glandular tissues, such as the ovaries, which contain the second highest concentration of iodine in the body, will also be depleted.

The connection between iodine deficiency and breast cancer, as well as Cystic fibrosis breast disease is strong. Breast cancer (like prostate cancer) is occurring at epidemic rates. Currently one in seven women is affected. Prostate cancer affects one in three men. Although there are numerous reasons for the development of cancer, the research is clear; iodine deficiency is a major piece of the puzzle. Iodine deficiency has also been associated with other cancers, including ovarian, uterine and thyroid cancer. It is imperative to have your iodine level checked as a part of any anti-cancer program.

Iodine deficiency is a worldwide problem. Diets that are deficient in iodine can result in many severe medical conditions including cretinism ( very severe brain damage occurring in very early life), mental impairment, reduced intellectual ability, goiter, and infertility. In addition, iodine deficiency predisposes one to an increased risk of breast, prostate, eudiometrical, and ovarian cancer. There is a decreased childhood survival rate associated with iodine deficiency. Studies have shown that neonatal mortality can be decreased by up to 50% when iodine deficiency is rectified. Other illnesses may result from iodine deficiency include sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), multiple sclerosis, and other myelin disorders. The world Health Organization has recognized that iodine deficiency is the world's greatest single cause of preventable mental retardation. Iodine deficiency has been identified as a significant public health problem in 129 countries. Approximately one-third of the world's population lives in iodine deficient areas and up to 72% of the world's population is affected by an iodine deficiency disorder.


Diets that may cause Iodine Deficiency: 1. Diets without ocean fish or sea vegetables 2. Inadequate use off iodized salt including low-sodium diets 3. Diets high in the consumption of bakery products (e.g., breads, pasta) 4. Vegan and vegetarian diets.

Packaging: 1 oz. Bottle Magnascent Iodine. (1% Iodine by weight) 1 drop= apporox 1 RDA Iodine MAGNASCENT™ is packaged in 1 oz. glass, dark amber bottles. This is usually a 4-6 week supply. Each drop provides 200 mcg of nascent iodine which the RDA for an adult. Store in a cool, dry place.